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What is dropcare?

dropcare is an innovative product for the majority of human living places, which you don't want to miss!

Wet umbrellas of visitors are rapidly wrapped in dropbags with a convenient handling system without electricity. dropbags are equipped in a strong and hard bodied dropcare. To wrap the wet umbrella perfectly, people can simply insert it to the top and pull it out to the front. Your customers will appreciate that.

dropbags can have it's own typical design by your optional request. 

Your benefits at a glance

  • Protection for your carpets and floors
  • Lowering cleaning expenses
  • Minimizing the general risk management cost
  • Simple and Elegant design
  • No additional electricity costs or workforce needed
  • Suitable for all size of umbrellas
  • Easy and Quick handling
  • Simple usage
  • Good promotional tool

Protection for your assets

The first impression is very important in many ways. Using dropcare means that your workplace stays in the best condition against slipping risks by wet umbrellas, regardless of what kind of material you have for the floor ; marbles, carpet, wood or any other type. Moisture contamination on the floor can bring an unexpecting result to the customers, workers and your business. dropcare will help you to protect your customers and workforces, the most valuable assets for you, on the long run and keep your business within your plan.


Reduced cleaning expenses

Cleaning wet contaminated floors and entrance carpets is costly and a time consuming process. dropcare will significantly help you to reduce the cleaning expenses. It clears away the origin of hazard. Instead of carrying the rain water of a wet umbrella to your workplace, dropcare simply and quickly encloses the wet umbrella and prevents water dripping on your floors and carpets.

Minimize the accident risk

You are responsible for protecting your guests, customers and workers against accidents caused by floor contamination. You can avoid unnecessary risk involvement due to slippery floors in accordance with the Health and Safety Law. The dropcare will help you to perform your duty of the risk management better, without additional labour or energy expense. Your customers will be satisfied with your care.


Simple & Elegant design

The fascinating dropcare design comes from simplicity and elegance.

Among our dropcare products you can choose the model that meets exactly your demands; luxury gold or brilliant silver colour, with super glossy or elegant foggy finishing.

Not only dropcare improves your customer's safety issue, but it also attracts people to see your business place once more. This highest design concept must have the best qualified part materials. Our own specially designed stainless steel parts and finishings say "The only one in the world". Everybody will be interested in your business world by this point of dropcare.


Easy and quick handling

The intelligent handling system of dropcare makes it easy and quick to install and unistall, thanks to the high qualified functions such as integrated wheels and an extendable luxury handle. Just like a business suitcase the attractive appearance of dropcare makes you even stylish when you handle it.

The great small

By the small practice of using dropcare, you can achieve a high level of cleanness with almost no extra labour cost, no extra energy consumption and no time wasting. A great efficiency comes from a small trigger. 


Suitable for small and big umbrellas

Whether large or small, dropcare provides proper dropbags. dropcare Twin has two separate containers for long and short umbrellas. Smaller space is necessary for using this compact combination model instead of two single units. 


Satisfaction booster

Without an exception, every restaurant, hotel, boutique, fitness, shopping center, supermarket, bank, office, school, hospital etc. cannot be existed without visiting of people. Even in bad weather.

Leaving aside the issues of wet floor slipping accidents, water dripping of wet umbrella is not a stress only to you, but also to your gentle customers and visitors who care about other people's safety. You can give your customers a great solution with which they don't need to care about water dripping and therefore pay their attention to you. Furthermore, lost, changes or breakage of customers' umbrellas won't be your business any more.